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VANTAGE™ Embroidery Software Support

Learn. Create. Embroider.

Join the VANTAGE™ Embroidery Software Support membership program to get the most out of your embroidery software investment. Our members learn new creative techniques, get special project instructions, access to video tutorials, refresh their skills and learn new ones at their own pace. Plus, they get fast, friendly support from our experts when they need it. There’s always something new to learn, and VANTAGE™ Embroidery Software Support is here to help!

VANTAGE™ Embroidery Software Support is a great addition to these software packages:
  • TruEmbroidery™ 3 Software Elite*
  • TruEmbroidery™ 3 Software Elements**
  • TruEmbroidery™ Software for Mac
  • Premier+™ Embroidery System
  • 6D™ Embroidery System
  • 5D™ Embroidery System
  • 5D™ Quilt Design Creator
What you will love about VANTAGE™
  • Free, fast, friendly support from knowledgeable team members.
  • Monthly projects created just for our members. Each project designed to teach you new skills.
  • Access to over 100 videos in the Step by Step Video Library with new videos added each month.
  • Advanced Support which includes allowing our support team to remotely connect to your computer to troubleshoot over the internet.
  • Exclusive monthly newsletters and email updates featuring helpful tips, hints, system information and more.
  • Exclusive online education events.
VANTAGE™ Dedicated Hours of Support:
  • Monday-Friday: 8.30 am-9 pm Central
  • Saturday: 10 am-2 pm Central
  • Except Holidays

The VANTAGE™ program has a yearly membership fee. Contact your local dealer to purchase this exciting new support program.

Terms and Conditions:

VANTAGE™ membership benefits are available to paid and activated members only and membership is not transferable. Membership is not valid until VANTAGE™ member receives membership number. Terms and conditions may be changed at any time without notification. Currently, the VANTAGE™ program is only available in the United States and Canada.

*Includes 1 year’s complimentary membership

**Includes 90 days’ complimentary membership