TruE™ 3 Create - Achieve beautiful designs with complete control and endless options*

Create automatically or freehand!
  • Create designs automatically from a picture with the QuickCreate Assistant - then adjust with specialty effects. Or use an image as a background.
  • Open .edo design files, or use Insert Embroideries to convert an embroidery stitch file to objects and add it to the current design.
  • Trims, jumps and tie stitches are added automatically - simplifies the creation process greatly!
Create beautiful lace designs using the lace tools
  • Use two or four lines for Cutwork needles with optional secure points.
  • Richelieu bars, Tapered motifs and crosshatch fills help you create free-standing lace and cutwork.
  • Emboss options for satin and fill
Embellish your designs with decorative motifs
  • Create Motif Fills or Lines with 700+ motif choices, including machine stitch motifs and Universal motifs such as the beautiful Hand Stitches.
  • Even design your own motifs!
Choose from thousands of amazing stitch effects
  • Choose from one of 75 shapes to create as fill, line, or fill plus line.
  • Fill patterns and techniques are amazing - choose from over 250 fill patterns or make your own. Emboss fill areas with personal highlights. Multicolor Gradient fill helps you create spectacular effects in your designs.
  • Use Echo Fill to auto generate a shadow effect with perfect, adjustable lines.
  • Create flowing waves of stitching with the wonderful MultiWave Fill to achieve true three-dimensional perspective in your designs. Other beautiful specialty fill types include Contour, Radial, Spiral, Shape Fill with 75 shape options and motif options and QuiltStipple fill.
  • Appliqué options for all areas: use satin border, a decorative motif or simple raw-edge effect to match the style of your embroidery.
  • Create feathered satin and texture both edges of a satin stitch for special embroidery effects for fur or flowers.

*Available in TruEmbroidery™ 3 Elite only