TruE™ 3 Modify - Style, reshape and refine your embroideries with the perfect touches*

Shape and style your embroidery with easy object editing
  • Advanced object editing makes it easy to select and edit elements
  • Reshape and extend satin or fill areas with easy node point adjustments
  • Convert to different patterns. Fills include contour, radial, spiral, QuiltStipple, MultiWave, crosshatch, and more.
Analyze a design and select stitches to modify
  • The integrated control strip and Ghost Mode make it easy to select specific stitches by block, color, polygon or freehand and then adjust. Use the X-Y panel to show technical details of stitches.
  • Move, add or delete stitches, color changes, stops or trim commands.
  • Rotate, mirror and resize designs instantly using rotate, flip and resize handles or by entering values. Move the center of rotation if desired. Rotate 45 degrees with a single click!
  • Add Trim commands automatically to any design.
  • Convert designs to use cutwork needles.
Improve stitchout quality
  • Stitch Optimizer improves the stitchout of most embroideries, both in speed and quality.
  • Resize designs with density control and adjustable options. The Density Advisor allows you to check and reduce the stitch density of any embroidery.
  • Add a rectangular basting line automatically around the embroidery to secure the fabric and stabilizer before beginning embroidery.
  • Use Compensation to widen stitching areas for better stitchout on woolen fabrics or fleece.
Transform the stitches of your design
  • Choose from eight global morphing effects such as Spherize, Ripple, Skew and Wave.
  • Emboss lines of needle point patterns on your design.
  • Frame your embroideries with border and appliqués, removing unwanted stitches automatically. Select from 75 border shapes or draw your own.
  • Creatively cut apart your embroidery with the Design Separator.

*Available in TruEmbroidery™ 3 Elite only