TruE™ 3 QuickCreate Assistant - Create standard, redwork or border designs automatically to personalize any project

Three design styles
  • Create a standard embroidery using satin and fill areas.
  • With QuickBorder you can create running stitch, motif, satin border or appliqué around enclosed areas.
  • Trace outlines in a picture with QuickTrace to make redwork and quilting designs.
  • Fit the hoop or selected area.
  • Includes a library of 375 clipart images.
Picture File Formats
  • The following popular image file formats may be loaded: Bitmap (.bmp), Encapsulated PostScript (.epi,.eps), Graphics Interchange Format (.gif), JPEG-JFIF Compliant (.jpg, .jfif, .jpeg), JPEG 2000 (.jp2, jpf), JPEG Multi-Picture Object (.mpo), Photoshop (.psd), Portable Document Format (.pdf), Portable Network Graphics (.png), Postscript (.ps),Tagged Image File Format uncompressed (.tiff, .tif), Camera RAW (.raw & many others), High Dynamic Range (.exr, hdr).
  • Load a photo directly from your MacBook® computer!