TruE™ 3 Studio – Adjust and combine embroidery designs, frames and flourishes

Adjust your designs
  • Select from 1350 embroideries: 800+ standard embroideries and 550+ SuperDesigns. (TruE™ 3 Elite provides an additional 100 Bonus premium embroidery designs from exclusive design collections.)
  • Instantly rotate, mirror and resize designs with stitch density control. Move the center of rotation if desired. Rotate 45 degrees with a single click!
  • Select multiple designs and move them as a group: align, center or move a design into the hoop automatically.
  • Move, add or delete stitches, color, stop and trim commands, and tie stitches. Also adjust stitch properties in many SuperDesigns.
Frame your lettering or any design
  • Surround lettering or a design with 500+ beautiful decorative frames and flourishes that fit around them with your preferred margin. Includes 36 frames designed for Puffy Foam!
  • Alternatively, create a border for lettering or a design in one of 75 shapes, automatically – you can even use decorative motifs!
  • Add an individual decorative motif, motif underline, or motif border from certain embroidery machines and a number of unique motifs including beautiful hand stitches. Select from 700+ motifs!
Repeat your embroideries
  • Repeat & reflect designs automatically with the Encore features. Encore multiple designs along 8 different line types or in a circle. Encore a design in one of 28 shapes or to border your hoop with an alternative design in the corners.
  • Make any embroidery Endless; repeat your favorite embroideries across your chosen hoop. Choose from four types of alignment stitches for easy re–hooping and a perfect result!
Preview and embroider your project
  • When your project is complete, preview it on a real garment background; 2400+ garment, fabric and quilt block backgrounds are included, or add your own.
  • Print all the embroideries with real–size backgrounds to use as templates.
  • Remove overlap automatically when combining or exporting, and split your project for many turnable hoops. Change a design´s stitchout order by moving it forward or backward.
  • Split your project of up to 2m automatically to fit in any hoop with the Split Project Assistant.*

*Available in TruEmbroidery™ 3 Elite only