TruE™ 3 Studio – Personalize your projects

Smart lettering for endless options
  • Choose from 145+ specially created fonts to create text and monograms in single or multiple lines. Includes six Puffy Foam fonts!
  • Change the way your lettering appears with one of 21 line types.
  • Lettering is created with automatic kerning or adjust spacing individually between letters.
  • Preview fonts when selecting – see all your fonts at once in the Font Viewer – and check spelling and grammar as you type.
  • Choose density, patterns and other options before or after you create your text.
  • Smart Lettering automatically creates your text below the selected design or as a circle around it.
Create fonts and monograms automatically
  • Generate fonts automatically from TrueType® or OpenType® fonts on your computer with the QuickFont Assistant. You have six stitch types to choose from; Satin, Fill, Fill + Satin Border, Satin Border, Appliqué, and Outline with Running, Double or Triple Stitch.
  • The Monogram Assistant helps you make one, two, or three letter monograms to personalize your garments, towels or home furnishings. The possibilities are unlimited with 500+ envelope types and the ability to add a border.